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Tax Information Input

The form below is provided for your convenience to allow you to input your tax deductions and have them sent to Bowen Accounting. Some boxes will ask you for information that has not changed, if there has been no change you can just leave it blank, or write 'none' in the box. If you have additional information you can write text, numbers, and notes in the input boxes. The information you provide will be double checked against tax documents you submit. The purpose of this form is to help you remember what is deductible and submit it in a format that is easily readable. If you have any questions you can email Richard Bowen

Security Notice: None of the information you submit using this form is saved online. All of the information is submitted directly via email to your tax preparer.

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Personal Information
Your Name (Required)
Spouse Name
Email Address (Required)
Contact Number
Did your address change?
Did you get married or divorced?
Did you have any children? (Name, BDay, SSN)
Are you claiming the same dependents as last year?
Income & Adjustments
Interest income (bank name and amount)
Dividend income (bank name and amount)
Did you trade stocks that were not in a retirment account?
Traditional IRA contributions
Retirement Account Distributions
State Tax Refund
Alimony Recieved
Alimony Paid
Unemployment Recieved
Gambling Winnings
Student Loan Interest
Moving Expenses
Energy Efficient Home Upgrades
Schedule A - Personal Deductions
Insurance premiums (Medical, Dental, Long Term Care)
Doctors, Dentist, Eyecare (out of pocket and co-pays)
Presciption Drugs
Auto Mileage for Medical Purposes
Property Taxes
Vehicle Tags
Did you buy a new car? (the sales tax paid is deductible)
Home Mortgage Interest
Dontations to Charity (Cash to Churches and Charities)
Donations to Charity (goods to Goodwill, ect.)
Union & Professional Dues
Educator Expenses
Unreimbursed Employee Expenses
Investment fees and Expenses
Tax Prep fees/Attorney's fees
Possible Credits
Schooling Costs (Tuition, books, fees)
Energy Efficient Home Upgrades
Rental Activities
Property Address
Rental Income
Cleaning & Maint
Legal, Professional, Management
Mortgage Interest
Real Estate Taxes
Business Income & Deductions
Business Name
Gross Income
Cost of Goods Sold (Inventory Sales)
Bank Charges
Vehicle: Year Make and Model
Vehicle: Total miles driven
Vehicle: Business Miles
Vehicle: Total Expenses
Equipment Purchases
Legal & Professional Fees
Office Expenses
Repairs & Maintenance
Tax & Licences
Meals & Entertainment
Salaries & Wages
Other Information
Federal Estimated Tax Payments
State Estimated Tax Payments