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Company Philosophy

It is important, in this era, to have principles that govern the way that a company operates. While profit is the motive of any business the aquisition of profit, as the sole purpose, without any moral guidelines is fruitless. Below is a list Bowen Accounting's philosiphy, policieis and procedures.

Our Work with the Community

Bowen Accounting believes that 'when the community is strong, everyone prospers.' Bowen Accounting strives to help the community in two ways: 1. Providing free personal finance and budgeting advice to clients free of charge, and 2. Providing free financial seminars to groups of people that need help with their personal finances. Bowen Accounting has been offering free personal finance, budgeting advice and counseling since 2001. If you have never created a budget, feel like you are drowning in debt, or just need help prioritizing your use of family resources, we are here to help. In 2010 Bowen Accounting began giving free seminars to groups that would like to explore the topics of personal finance and planning for the future. By helping the individual make their life better, we are helping the community... 'And when the community is strong, everyone prospers.'

You are Our Client All Year

As a personal (non business) tax client of Bowen Accounting we try to provide service all year round. If you are thinking about doing anything that may affect your tax return, please contact us, and we will try to provide the best advice we can concerning your transaction. We will also help you generate quarterly tax estimated payments if they are required. This is all included in the cost of your tax return. Have any questions? Call us or send us an email and we will be happy to help direct you.

Flat Rate Estimates and Billing

Bowen Accounting is dedicated to allowing our clients to count the cost of services provided in advance. Whenever possible, Bowen Accounting will quote you a price for your accounting, tax, and consulting projects in advance and stick to that price. Since problems commonly arise during the course of projects we will be sure to let you know in advance if we will be unable to stick to the estimate due to additional problems encountered. Bowen Accounting will not bill you without notifying you in advance of, and getting approval for, additional work that is outside the scope of the original project.

We Meet You and Communicate Your Way

Bowen Accounting strives to be flexible in the way it deals with its clients. We are always looking for the best custom solution to your problem. Sometimes that means meeting you at your location or at least not at our office. Bowen Accounting is mobile and is happy to find a place and/or time to meet that is more convenient for you. If that place or time is too far out of the ordinary there might be a small charge associated with the meeting, but we will notify you in advance if that is the case. In addition to meeting in person we accept tax and accounting documents via fax and email. Life is busy and sometimes it is much easier to send an email, text, or fax than to setup and make it to an appointment. Bowen Accounting has been doing offsite accounting and tax since 2006, and strives to make the process of keeping your finances under control as easy for you as possible.

Use of Technology

Bowen Accounting attempts to make the process of completing accounting and tax projects as easy as possible, by utilizing the best technological solutions that it has at it's disposal. We can eFile your tax returns, remote into your computer to help you with accounting problems, send you PDF copies of your documentation that we have stored, send you valuable advice via email, and provide helpful articles and tools online. Bowen Accounting scans and stores all documentation used to prepare tax returns, sales tax returns, accounting reports, and consulting notes. Copies can be provided to you with a simple phone call or email.

Payment Options

Bowen Accounting accepts credit/debit cards but cannot take the cost of tax preparation out of your tax refund. We do not offer Refund Anticipation Loans (RAL's) or Refund Anticipation Checks (RAC's). While we have toyed with the idea of adding such features to our business model, the cost could only be absorbed by passing it on to the client. In an attempt to keep client fees low we will not be offering any of those services in the near future.

Green Initiative

In an attempt to use less paper and be more environmentally friendly Bowen Accounting offers PDF files of tax returns and documentation instead of the standard hard copy tax file that most preparation services offer. This 'Green Option' is required as of 2010 and will be used whether you are an accounting, tax, or consulting client. If you request hard copies we will provide them at no cost.

Errors and Omission

Errors and omissions occur in accounting and tax, and most of the time the problems can simply be fixed after they are discovered. Sometimes after fixing the problems there are fees, interest, and/or penalties associated with the error. It is possible for Bowen Accounting, at our discretion, to pay the fees, penalties, or interest associated with mistakes caused by our negligence or oversight, and of course fix the misstated tax returns or financials free of charge. There are many mistakes, errors and omissions that are the fault of the client because they do not provide enough, or clarified documentation, in these cases we will not pay any fees, penalties, or interest and the corrections will be at the cost of the client.

Email Disclosures

If you receive an email communication from Bowen Accounting, it is expected to be read and used by the person it is addressed to only. Some emails may contain confidential information and attachments. While emails can be stolen or 'attacked' by hackers, Bowen Accounting takes no responsibility for the security of your email account. If you desire to use a more secure form of communication please notify Bowen Accounting via phone or email. Please take care to secure the information and documents sent to you via email by Bowen Accounting. Other delivery options include paper copies delivered in person, personal interview, text messages, and secure downloads from the bowen accounting website. If one of these other options is more suitable to you please notify us. Also, please note that I commonly type in all caps because most IRS and state forms are more easily converted that way. Please do not be offended by it.

All clients must agree to the terms and conditions of services with Bowen Accounting, Richard Bowen CPA and any associates prior to conducting business with our firm. Click here to read and agree with these. They are subject to change without notice, and your agreement to abide by the terms and condition also allows us to make changes without notifying you.

Please take the time to Rate Bowen Accounting

It is difficult to find an accountant that you trust. Many people go to the internet to find one, so it is very helpful if we have positive reviews online. is one of the websites that our client use to rate us. The rating process does not require any login, is anonymous, and only takes about 1 minute to complete. Please click here to rate us. Taking the time to do this is very helpful in creating awareness of our company and letting internet users know that we can be trusted.