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Cool Stuff!

I like to learn, laugh, and experience new things. I have compiled a list of some things that I consider 'Cool Stuff'. You are probably not very interested in what your CPA thinks is cool, but this is my way of letting my clients know a little bit more about me.


Voyager - The Interstellar Mission

In 1977 Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft were launched. These crafts are designed to not come back, but rather travel beyond our solar system and send back data. Inside these crafts was something called 'The Golden Record', which containted a significant amount of music, images, literature and other samplings of our worlds culture. This is to act as an introduction to other races, in the event that it is found. I believe the craft is supposed to be able to operate for over 10,000 years. Learn more here

Watson the Amazing Computer

Watson is the supercomputer that IBM created to access information super fast in such a way that it could understand a question and play Jeopardy. Scary, and awesome. This computer does not really represent AI in the way that I understand it, but it is super cool Learn more here
Watch part of the documentary

Clever Bot

Clever Bot is learning! It is a very simple computer program that was created a few decades ago. The concept is that it learns what you give it. While it is not sentient, it is learning to communicate by mimicing user inputs. I love the idea behind this because I like programming in general, and because it is evolving. I like the idea that those that provide the content are essentially raising this baby robot. Go say hi to Clever Bot and have a short chat.



I listen to a variety of podcasts to keep me informed and laughing throughout the day. All of these are available through iTunes, but I have provided links to their websites as well. ~There is almost nothing better than finding an amazing show that you are several seasons behind on.

Television Shows

I couldn't possibly list all of my favorite television shows, but there are a few that I think really matter to some people, and will probably mean as much to other as they do to me. If you like these shows as much as I do, then I should be your CPA.