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Accounting Service

Bowen Accounting & Tax offers all of the normal accounting services you would expect on an annual, quarterly, monthly, semi-monthly, weekly or daily schedule.

In addition to the ability to provide these services, we specialize in the use of QuickBooks, Quickbooks Online,

Tax Services

Richard Bowen, CPA has been preparing tax returns of all types since 1998. Below is a list of tax topics we have a great deal of experience with.

Business Setup & Entity Filings

Property Management Accounting

Richard Bowen, CPA has been working with property management services in Bakersfield and Sacramento since 2005. This is a very specialized field that we have developed skills and knowledge in relation to. We have handled multiple audits for proprety managment firms (in relation to the trust accounting), provided consultation services and training on trust accounting software, and helped companies develop and document solid policies and procedures related to running property management services and trust accounting.


In both personal and business finance analysis can be very helpful. Bowen Accounting & Tax can help you determine what your income/debt/expense ratio's are, analze the returns on your investments, and help you find the weak-points in your financials. Analysis is a very large field, and there are a few specific types that we have spent a lot of time doing.

Consulting Services

Bowen Consulting offers a wide array of services to businesses of all sizes. The consulting branch of Bowen Accounting focuses on creating a custom solution to any clients business needs.

Programming Servicess

Bowen Programming was started in late 2007, and focuses on writing web based business applications for small to mid-sized clients using PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and MySQL. To date I have designed and programmed several apps for different clients. There are three types of programs that I regularly design and implement for clients.

If you would like more information regarding any of these services please contact Richard Bowen at (661)342-0087 or Richard Bowen, CPA