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Free classes and budgeting for individuals and families

Bowen Accounting & Tax is dedicated to providing expert help to individuals and families in need. A cornerstone of our philosophy is that 'by helping the individual we help the community, and when the community is strong and healthy we all prosper'.

Our first class entitled 'How did I get here, and what do I do now?' will be held in late January 2011. Seating is limited to 20 people. If you are interested please send an email with your contact information to Richard Bowen, CPA.

We have scheduled two dates for the first class: January 13th and 20th 2011. The class will be held at 4420 Easton Dr, Bakersfield, CA 93309. We will begin at 7pm sharp, please do not be late. It is very important to register for the class in advance since we have limited seating. To register for the class click the 'Sign-up for Class' logo on the left hand side below the menu. Click here to view and print the flyer with the class details.

Classes and speaking engagements for businesses

When the people that make up an organization are worried about their bills, and family issues they are not operating at their best. Bowen Accounting offers classes that range from 2 hour short seminars on personal finance, budgeting, and carrier management to multiple meeting classes to help your employees become the best teammates, and profit centers they can be.

When a business owner seeks to improve their company, or it's atmosphere, it is important to get information from reliable sources that have experience. Bowen Accounting offers speaking engagements that are geared toward groups of business owners on topics like 'Do you have a financial advisor or a bean counter, and how to tell the difference?', 'Looking at the future sustainability of your business', and 'Technology as a turning point in your organization'.

All business engagements are scheduled by request. If you are interested in the improving your company please contact us at Richard Bowen, CPA.