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It is time to get ready for tax season 2010

Tax Season Delayed:

Thanks to the new tax law changes that have taken affect as late at December 23, 2010 certain tax payers will have to wait until mid to late February to file their tax returns. If you fall into one of these three categories then you will be stuck until the IRS is done reprogramming their system. 1. Anyone who files a Schedule A (long form), and claims the state sales tax deduction (this is automatic on the Schedule A). 2. Anyone claiming the ’Higher Education and Fees Deduction’ which is a new credit for post secondary school costs. 3. Anyone claiming ‘Educator’ expenses on the Schedule A. If you do not fit into one of these categories, I am ready to prepare your return as soon as you have all of your documents together.

Our New Website: has had a major makeover. Our goal was to create a site that you could return to over and over again for helpful information on tax, news, and personal finance. We have created a few helpful online apps under our Tools section, and many helpful articles under our Blog and Free Advice sections. Please look around the new site and see what it has to offer. You can also become a fan of us on Facebook, and you can follow us on Twitter

Paperless Option:

In an effort to be more environmentally friendly we are offering the ability to receive your copy of your tax return and filing documents in PDF format via email. At the time of signing please let me know that you would like to use this service and by the time you get home from your appointment you should have a copy of your documents in your inbox. This can be very helpful since it allows you to store your documents on your computer and have quick and easy access to them.

Fax/Mail/Email Documents:

In 2010 we completed approximately 43% of our tax returns via Fax/Mail/Email. This option is very useful to many of our clients and we are continuing to offer it for the 2010 tax year. You can Fax/Mail/Email your documents to us in advance of your appointment or in lieu of your appointment. We will do some advanced preparation, which can dramatically reduce the length of your in-office appointment. If you prefer to complete your return without an appointment, we will complete the preparation and forward you a copy of your completed documents via the communication form of your preference.

Extended Hours:

During tax season I am usually available between 6am and 11pm. This is usually very helpful to our clients that need appointments after hours. If you need to contact us to see if we have received your documents or to make an appointment, do not hesitate to use any of my contact information below. If you need to come by the office after 5pm it is a good idea to call first because the main entrances may be locked.

Contacting Us:

I can be contacted between 6am and 11pm during tax season 1/15/11 through 4/15/11.

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