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national debt

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Amortization Schedule Creator

Loan Type:
Purchase Price:
Interest Rate:
Loan Term:
Extra Pay: Percent Down:
If you are calculating a mortgage select 'Mortgage', which will give you additional information, like the estimated mortgage payment with impounds, and the option to enter what percentage you are putting down on the loan. Otherwise use 'Other Loan'.
Please enter the purchase price of the item, do not use dollar signs or commas.
Please enter the interest rate of the finance agreement as a decimal number, and do not enter the percent sign.
Plese enter the term of the loan in number of months. 5 years is 60 months.
If you would like to see how your loan cost and number of payments would be affected by making additional payments enter the amount of extra monthly payments you would like to make. Otherwise leave this box blank.
Plese enter the percentage that you will be putting down on the mortgage as a whole number, and do not use the percent sign.